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5 Stylish Ways to Wear Cool Socks for Men - Mens Fun Socks Ideas

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5 Stylish Ways to Wear Cool Socks for Men - Mens Fun Socks Ideas


When it comes to men’s style, it’s typically the accessories that breathe life into a look.  Ties, tie bars, collar pins, pocket squares, lapel pins—you name it.  But this year’s biggest trend in men’s accessories isn’t about what’s above the waist. Fun socks for men are the one style move that every guy should make.  For years, guys have been forced to wear traditional socks that are solid or patterned in basic stripes.  Now, cool dress socks are a significant touchpoint, adding personality and a touch of whimsy to conservative looks.  They’re especially versatile wardrobe enhancers and make for great gifts.  If you’re stuck on how to incorporate cool socks for men into your life, consider these 5 ways to wear them.

1. Fun Socks Brighten Up a Formal Look


For guys who work in more traditional environments, the dress code ruling on socks has been strict. Socks should match the color scheme of your outfit. Socks should never stand out from the rest of the look. Etcetera, etcetera.  However, wearing fun socks for men with a dark suit can actually breathe life into your look without distracting from its cohesiveness.  For example, try brightening up a dull navy suit with our Cool Cat Socks.  The black and white design is enough to add some texture around your ankle but it’s still subtle enough to remain appropriate for the workplace.

2. Keep It Casual with Cool Socks


Casual looks are about having fun. With professional looks, you’re limited to a few tweaks or pairings to show your personality.  But with casual outfits, you can unlock your potential with a bold shirt choice or a brightly colored pair of chinos.  The risk taking shouldn’t stop there.  Bold cool socks are just as effective at showing off your style prowess. Pay tribute to your favorite pastime with the Fun Alcohol Socks or show off a little attitude with the Middle Finger Socks.

3. Some Mild Cosplay


If you’re a comic book fan who isn’t too keen on full cosplaying, show your love of the genre with your sock choice.  The Comic Book Socks harken back to the era of classic comics like Batman and Captain America.  Bring the pages to life right on your feet.  Cool socks aren’t just about abstract designs; they can send a message out to the world, too.

4. Complement Your Shoes with Crazy Socks


Men’s shoe choices have gotten more adventurous over the last few years.  Wingtips are adorned with sneaker soles.  Bucks and saddle shoes have made a comeback.  The double monkstrap put an Italian spin on classic style.  These unconventional models need strong sock choices to match.  If you’re rocking a pair of cognac oxfords, spice things up with our Blue Sonar Waves Design Socks for a striking yet consistent contrast. 

5. Wearable Art Socks


For those guys who aren’t familiar with wearable art, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  There’s a huge trend in which men are wearing clothing that either resembles art or has art drawn directly on it.  Your socks are the perfect place to display the trend. Our Triangular Design Socks, Trippy Urban Christmas Socks and Starry Night Art Socks all pay tribute to the great artistic contributions of yesteryear while simultaneously updating them for modern day.

There’s no need to stay subtle when elevating your look.  Inject a large dose of personality and style with cool socks for men.

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