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Cool Novelty Socks Trending in 2017 - Socks Fashion Trends

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 2017 Latest Sock Fashion Trends - Novelty Socks are in!

Novelty Socks are back in fashion and trending! Its 2017 and if you haven't seen these awesome novelty socks on social media or while out and about then you must be living under a rock. Fun novelty socks have made a come back in fashion and have taken some new styles. Novelty Socks have come back in all lengths from knee high to no shows, as colorful as can be and patterned with animals, food and crazy cool designs. Celebrities like Rihanna and Bela Hadid have even been spotted rocking cool novelty socks around town!


Fun Novelty socks can come in literally thousands of styles and patterns. Cool pandas, crossword puzzles, bacon and eggs, stripped socks, polka dotted socks , and geeky glasses patterns. There are so many pairs of socks for an outfit! Stay from being predictable and like the rest of the crowd. Wearing funny novelty socks reflects your identity, helps express yourself, boost your confidence and makes you feel approachable and fun! 


Back in the day socks were always know to be a dull solid color that matches your outfit. Socks went through many evolutions. They were first made with animal skin during the Stone Age. and evolved during the 18th century and socks were then made of animal knotted hair which was worn to keep warm. Then came the romans that made their socks out of leather or woven fabric. The purpose of socks changed and became a sign of wealth and status. Nowadays socks are worn to signify a persons personality and are also a main part of fashion that some designers are even having their models wear thick socks with shoes walking down the runway.


In 2017 it is all about making statements, being loud, standing out and looking different but stylish. Socks are not only made to keep your feet warm or absorb perspiration, yet they are trendy items available in many colors and designs. Socks are usually worn everyday and it’s the least expensive part of your outfit. Why not spark things up a little, follow the fashion trends, and try on a pair of cool novelty socks!


Socks & flats, socks & heels, socks & boots, socks & running shoes or even socks & sandals. Socks go with everything! The pairing of socks & shoes is suitable for spring, autumn and especially winter. The great thing about fun novelty socks is that there are no specific ways to wear them! Throw away all your white socks and stay away from them! It’s time to jazz up your look with fashionable funny socks. 

Fun Novelty Socks for Women

If you’re the kind that likes to be noticed, then you will definitely love wearing fun novelty socks. Funny socks are really eye catching and guaranteed to draw attention. They can always lead to a gripping chat. Going on a date, out of the town or meeting new people, wearing funny socks is a pretty good idea because socks are a very good conversation starter. Need to break the ice with your colleagues at work, well funny socks are just the right thing. Funny crazy socks are a great way to break the ice and communicate with others.



Bringing joy and fun into the office away from all the stress and workload that must be done. Especially at work funny socks send out a more lively, artistic and interesting impression. Wearing funny art socks won’t just change your mood but they also affect the people around you by making them laugh. Taking off your shoes won’t be an issue anymore, in fact you will be getting many compliments and smiles. Your socks will keep everything interesting and you will always have people wondering what will you be wearing next.  Step up your sock game and you won’t regret it!


Check out some of our top sellers here!


Chess Game Socks 

Black and grey checkered Chess game board socks are fun geeky socks for any occasion from going to class, the office or going out!


Wine Socks for Women - Novelty Socks  

Red Wine Socks for Women

Fun Wine Socks are any girls favorite socks! Cute Wine socks patterned with colored wine glasses and bottles of red wine! 



Fun Panda Socks - Novelty Socks

Green Panda Socks

 These cool panda socks are perfect for all panda fans! Our fun Panda socks come patterned with little pandas on a natural green background. Celebrate pandas with panda bear socks!


Colorful Donut Food Socks 

Our donut socks give you those tasty donut treats and put them right on your feet. These fun donut socks are as vibrant in colors as they are delicious.


Starry Night Art Socks - Novelty Socks

Starry Night Art Socks

Be a walking piece of art with our starry night art socks. The soft blue and yellow masterpiece is just what your art sock collection needs

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