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People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are Smarter Than You and Heres Why

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People Who Wear Crazy Novelty Socks Are Smarter Than You and Heres Why 



People who wear crazy socks aren’t actually crazy. They’re sparking a professional rebellion, and nine times of ten, they’re smarter than you. You’d be forgiven for thinking these people and their crazy socks aren’t exactly rebels. Rebellion through fashion harkens back to the 1790s when young French kids started wearing crazy haircuts and shoulder pads.  Rebellion was what you’d call the Punk movement of the 1970s.  Surely, a pair of striped socks isn’t that daring, right?  Wrong.   

These days, fashion as a form of rebellion has taken on a subtler form. The next time you’re in a meeting and you look down to see a colleague wearing a pair of socks with Bumble Bee stripes, know that there’s a protest going on.  But this isn’t political. This person, with their crazy socks, is sending a message to you and everyone else in the office. They’re cut from a different cloth, and though you may not realize it, they’re on the right path to becoming the office superstar. That’s no harsh critique of you and your boring socks.  It’s a valid assessment. Those funny socks say a lot more about your peer than you realize.


Says No to Uniforms

If we look back at the history of office dress codes, they could be described with several adjectives: boring, drab, plain, basic.  But one thing we can’t say about the modern corporate uniform is that it’s exciting. To this day, there are millions of men and women who are conforming to what’s expected just to avoid standing out or rocking the boat.  There’s a sea of sameness in an office near you, but the guy in the crazy novelty socks is more than willing to sidestep tradition.

At first glance, crazy socks just seem like an odd choice.  It would appear that this person doesn’t have any fashion sense.  Or that they’re out of touch with office protocol.  Or that they lack the maturity to survive in a corporate culture.  But lo and behold, none of this is true.  The person in the crazy socks understands the office dress code and has decided to give it the middle finger.  Though he’s suited up, his socks are a warning signal to the rest of you.  He refuses to allow tradition to dictate the way he dresses.  And that goes much further than simply looking different.


Reject the Status Quo with Unique Novelty Socks

Crazy socks show that an individual is willing to reject the status quo.  They’re less focused on doing things the way they’ve always been done.  The colorful unique socks guy or gal is a creative type, drawn to boldness which extends past their wardrobe.  The more they wear their mens novelty dress socks to the office, the more people notice.  The more they become the office creative—the person who colors outside the lines.

If you’re thinking this makes them the office nut job, think again.  Because crazy socks guy is viewed as the creative or the boundary pusher, he’ll have more flexibility to break the rules.  From day one, he’s shown that he’s not afraid of being different.  His socks have helped him subvert the dress code.  Now, he’s bringing that same fearlessness to his work.  When he suggests that the organization scrap an entire project and start over from scratch, your bosses will trust him.  Because he leads a creative life and he’s accustomed to breaking the rules.  Plus, he does everything with confidence.

colorful_polka_dot_socks_mens_crazy_socks Crazy Socks Exude More Confidence

Crazy socks guy bounces into the office each morning wearing an item that he knows people will look at, talk about and perhaps point at.  He knows that his wardrobe choice is different, and he knows it’s going to draw attention.  And he doesn’t care.  When he slips on those Chess Game Socks, it’s like sliding on his superhero cape.  Those socks are his armor.  He feels most confident wearing something bold, and that confidence extends to the quality of his work.


There’s the concept called embodied cognition.  The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines embodied cognition as “a growing research program in cognitive science that emphasizes the formative role the environment plays in the development of cognitive processes.”  In layman’s terms, it means the things around you (or on you) shape the way you think.  There’s tons of scientific proof that clothing affects your cognitive state.  When you suit up, you feel empowered.  When you slip on those crazy patterned socks, you feel even more confident.  When people wear clothing that they’re proud of and that makes them look their best, the feeling is almost euphoric.  They feel more capable of producing great work.  Wearing crazy socks isn’t just some attention-getting scheme.

 It’s your colleague’s secret weapon to executing daily tasks with forceful confidence.


Networks More Often & More Successfully

Networking can be awkward, especially for those who are more introverted or less talented at small talk.  It can get tiring talking about the weather every time you meet a new person.  But the guy with the crazy fun socks doesn’t have that problem.  Even if he’s not the most instantly engaging fellow, he always has something to talk about.  His socks.


Whether he’s in a meeting or navigating a first day at the office or trying to make his mark at a conference, the guy with the crazy animal socks has the perfect icebreaker wrapped around his feet.  It’s perfect because those socks almost always attract attention on their own.  People will lean in to complement or ask about his decision making with his wardrobe.  They might ask where he got them or how many he owns or how long he’s preferred to wear socks like these.  The ideal icebreaker is personal.  It cuts through the awkwardness of a first-time meeting and gives two new acquaintances something to talk about other than work. Mens Crazy socks couldn’t be more appropriate.  They inject the room with humor and show off the wearer’s personality.


This guy might seem a little off-kilter to you.  But he’s guaranteed to connect with at least one new, powerful person at every meeting he attends.  He’s walking away from every boardroom with a pocket full of business cards.  He’s making meaningful connections time and time again.  As you surely know, being successful in any business depends heavily on who you know.  Let’s just say crazy cool socks guy knows a lot of people.

Takes More Risks

A guy who shows up to work with Sunny Side Up Eggs on his socks is taking a lot of risks.  He’s eschewing everything he knows about acceptable office wear.  Men grow up believing their socks should give their outfits consistency.  Their socks should match the color scheme of their outfit.  Many guys think their socks should be the same color as their pants.  Crazy socks guy doesn’t care about these rules.  He’s willing to risk a few double takes or wide-eyed glances to stand out.  But it’s not just his sartorial sense that sets him apart.


He brings that risk taking to his projects.  This is a guy who isn’t afraid to speak up, try something new or go against the grain.  He’s not a guy who plays by the rules.  He’s not content being a “yes man”.  People who wear crazy fun socks aren’t unhinged, but they do view conformity unfavorably.  These people take more risks.  And in the professional world, risk taking pays off.  When we look back on the greatest success stories in history, none of those moments were ever achieved by playing it safe.  If it comes down to whether you or crazy socks guy will be remembered most, our bet is on crazy socks guy.

How to Join Crazy Socks Guy

By now, you should be convinced to join crazy socks guy in his quiet office rebellion.  This is a guy who’s winning.  He has more confidence, networks well, rejects the status quo and takes risks.  He’s climbing to the top of the office hierarchy, and you should be right behind him.  It may not seem like there’s a lot of rules to wearing crazy socks.  They are called crazy for a reason, right?  But there are a few aspects to pay attention to before you show up with your new fashion statement.


The objective of wearing crazy socks is to clash, but there’s a fine line between head-turning and poor taste.  Try to choose a pair that has a color repeated somewhere in your outfit.  They don’t need to match your trousers, but they shouldn’t be so random that your look feels muddled.  For example, if you’re rocking a navy suit, pick a pair of mens funny dress socks that either has a navy base or some type of navy design.  The rest can be whatever you want it to be.

Do your best to show off your socks without making them the star of the show.  If you’re wearing crazy socks to work every day, you might want to skip the cuffed slacks or the trousers with no break.  You want your crazy socks to subtly hint that you’re a risk taker.  But you don’t want to seem like you’re clueless about how to dress yourself.  You should only show a couple inches of your socks and no more.


And know that the crazy sock guy you’re emulating knows how to extend this aesthetic boldness to other parts of his look.  Just as he’s developing a vast portfolio of big projects and aggressive job skills, he also knows how to take chances with his pocket square and tie.  Make your crazy socks part of your overall look.  Work them into a theme of rebellion.  They should be a supporting player in your messaging, not your only big move.

Crazy socks are much more than a way to charm people or generate chatter.  They do a lot more than establish someone as the resident office weirdo.  This style choice might be small but its implications are big.  People who are bold enough to wear crazy novelty socks are also bold enough to shake the hand of the CEO, pitch groundbreaking ideas and tackle each work day without fear.  In fact, these crazy socks don’t make them a resident weirdo; they’re the resident badass.  Instead of smirking and looking down on them, you should join them.


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