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Pumpkin Halloween Socks - Fun Crazy Cool Novelty Socks - Swaggy Socks

Pumpkin Halloween Socks

$ 11.99

Fun Halloween Pumpkin Socks - Holiday Socks

Its Halloween and sometimes it can be a little too much for us scaredy cats, but you’re in luck because with our Halloween pumpkin socks you can enjoy the smile of a jack o’ lantern.  Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, after all, it’s that time of year when you can binge eat candy.  With our pumpkin Halloween socks you can enjoy your candy with our friendly buddies on your feet.

Pattern: Pumpkins

Color: Orange, Black

Composition: High-grade poly-blend fabric with a cushioned black heel 

Length: Crew 

Fit: One size fits Men and Women

Collection: Halloween socks, Holiday Socks

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