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Happy Teeth Socks - Fun Crazy Cool Novelty Socks - Swaggy Socks

Happy Teeth Socks

$ 11.99

Happy Teeth Socks

Admit it! You've gone to bed without brushing your teeth before. Well if you don't want to have that dreaded conversation with your dentist then your going to have to brush your teeth after every meal! If you do forget to brush your teeth, then your going to love our funny happy teeth socks which will always remind you you to scrub your teeth. These cool teeth socks have actual teeth brushing themselves! You won't just have a friendly reminder brush your teeth but also floss. Keep your pearly whites looking white and healthy with our novelty happy teeth socks.

Pattern: Teeth, Toothbrush 

Color: Blue, White, Red

Composition: High-grade poly-blend fabric with a cushioned black heel 

Length: Crew 

Fit: One size fits Men and Women

Collection: Novelty Socks, Funny Socks

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